The Causal Universe (Okładka twarda)

The Causal Universe

The Causal Universe (Okładka twarda)

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Main subject classification Philosophy Other subjects Cosmology, Physics Key points • addresses the issue of causality in philosophy and empirical sciences • brings together contributions from philosophers, cosmologists and physicists Description A collection of essays dealing with causality, a core issue for both science and philosophy. The Reader will learn about different types of causality in complex systems and about new perspectives on this issue based on physical and cosmological considerations. In addition, the collection includes essays pertaining to the problem of causality in ancient Greek philosophy, and to the problem of God’s relation to the causal structures of nature viewed in the light of contemporary physics and cosmology. Contributors George F. R. Ellis (University of Cape Town), Julian Barbour (University of Oxford), Mariusz P. Dąbrowski (Szczecin University), Bogdan Dembiński (University of Silesia), Willem B. Drees (Leiden University), Michael Heller (Copernicus Center for Interdisciplinary Studies), Marek Kuś (Polish Academy of Sciences), Jerzy Lewandowski (University of Warsaw), Derek Raine (University of Leicester), Andrzej Sitarz (Jagiellonian University), Andrzej Sołtan (Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center), William R. Stoeger (Vatican Observatory), Thomas Tracy (Bates College), Jean-Philippe Uzan (Astrophysics Institiute of Paris).


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